Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we've been asked lately... do you have another one? Let us know!

Who started Rockport Candle Company?

Rockport Candle Company was opened by friends and former Rockport High School classmates Christina and Bryan and their families.

Why did you open a candle shop?

Candles are a perfectly portable way to take home (or give) a little bit of Rockport... something handmade in Rockport, featuring fragrances reminiscent of life by the sea. They make a great souvenir and a lovely gift.

Where and how are the candles made?

All of our candles are handcrafted here in Rockport. We use a special soy-based wax blend, high quality fragrances and essential oils, and lead-free cotton wicks.

Labeling handcrafted candles at Rockport Candle Company

Where is your shop located?

Our NEW store is located at 5 Bearskin Neck in Rockport! Please stop in and say "hello" if you're in the area! We'd love to show you where the candles are made, right here at our in-store studio. Check our hours on Facebook.

How do you name your candles?

Our candles are truly inspired by our lives by the sea here in Rockport. Some of them are named after places that are special to us, like Millbrook Meadow, and some are a reflection of a memory of growing up here, like Salt Water Taffy. Others were created to remind us of favorite seaside moments, like Sweet Buttered Lobstah, Cuppa Chowdah, Storm at Sea, or Summer Girl. Still others recall memories with family and friends, such as Seaside Holiday or Cocktails by the Sea. Our candle names are what make us unique and make us truly all about Rockport!

Why do you number your candles?

We started to number our candle scents as a way to keep track of them during the long testing process before we opened our shop... which is why we are missing many numbers. Not all of them made the cut! We decided to keep the number system because it looks cool (especially on the lids of our travel tins) and it still helps us with tracking. You can use either the number or the name to let us know what your favorites are!

Do you do wedding favors or other custom candles?

YES! We now offer custom wedding and party favors as well as custom corporate gifts and private branding and labeling. Please use the CONTACT US tab below for details!

Custom candle favors by Rockport Candle Company         Basket of candle wedding favors

What kind of candle containers do you use?

Our Classic Jar candles are hand-poured into double old fashioned glasses made in the USA, and our Tall Jar is a larger version of the same. The sturdy, weighted bottom make them ideal to reuse as drinking glasses or storage jars after your candle is finished and the remaining wax residue has been cleaned out. Our rugged travel tins are made of steel and have raised feet to keep your surfaces cool. They are also made in the USA.

What kind of candle wax / fragrance do you use?

We use a special vegan soy wax blend that we believe has the best of everything we value in a high-quality, handcrafted candle: great "cold throw" (what you smell before the candle is lit, to give you an idea of what it will smell like when it is burning), amazing and long-lasting "hot throw" (what the candle smells like while it's lit), a clean, slow burn, and beautiful colors. We think you'll find the quality of our candles is on par with more expensive luxury brands. Our fragrance oils are a blend of high-quality perfume oils and essential oils - all phthalate-free.

Why are there "wet spots" or the appearance of air pockets in my candle?

These spots are caused by shrinkage and air bubbles that occur as the wax is cooling inside the container. Part of the wax pulls away from the jar, giving it this particular look. This is not a defect but a typical occurrence in candles made with natural waxes. It is common even in expensive candle lines. It in no way affects the quality or "burn-ability" of the candle.

How can I avoid "tunnel burn?"

When you burn your candle for the first time, try to leave it lit long enough to create a full "melt pool." Our candles are 3" in diameter, so aim for the first burn to last about 3 hours so the wax melts evenly across the top of the candle (one hour per inch diameter). After that initial burn, your candle should not tunnel, even if future burn times are much shorter.

Do you give to charitable organizations or do fundraisers?

We believe in supporting local groups who are making a difference in our community. For the last few years we have introduced special annual fundraiser candles to benefit both Rockport's Fireworks Fund (Rockport Fireworks are in August) and Rockport's Christmas Tree Committee (available in November & December). The Christmas Tree Committee is the group that provides food baskets to elderly, housebound, and ill residents on Christmas morning, and also makes treat bags for children who visit Santa at Dock Square on Christmas morning (they've been doing this for around 115 years!). We also offer fundraisers for groups such as PTO/PTA, scouts groups, and more! Contact us for more details.

Does your Rockport shop close for the Winter? 

If you've ever been to Rockport, you know that many shops and restaurants close down in the winter when the tourists go home. In our new 5 Bearskin Neck shop we will definitely be open until Christmas and then will have irregular hours through the winter while we continue to pour and ship candles at our in-store studio. Of course you can always order online, here on this website. You can also find our candles at these fine shops. You can always find updates about Rockport Candle Company on Facebook.

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