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"Rockport Candle Company does capture memories in a jar. I could not believe the first candle I picked up was called "Old Salt," which was a favorite nickname for my Dad. It immediately brought back memories of our Rockport family vacations. This year for Christmas my sisters and our kids will get candles that evoke memories of our happy days combing the beach or strolling Bearskin Neck. Salt Water Taffy for my son with a sweet tooth. Sea Captain for a nephew who loves boating. Cocktails by the Sea for the family party animal. Special memories from a special place."
- Julie

Is your heart at home near the sea? Do you long for the peaceful, refreshing, and joyful feelings experienced when you're at the ocean's edge? Let us take you back to those coastal memories through our sea-inspired line of scented candles, handcrafted in Rockport, Massachusetts.

We hope our candle names and scents awaken memories of happy moments spent by the sea, whether your roots are in Rockport or far away from any ocean. Find peace, simplicity, and beauty in enjoying and giving friends and family our locally-crafted candles inspired by the sea.

All of our candles are created in Rockport using a special soy wax blend and the finest fragrance oils, carefully blended and poured by hand in small batches to ensure freshness. Our glass jars and candle tins are made in the USA and we use only lead-free natural cotton wicks.