Our Process

Created by Hand, on the Coast of New England

Step One

It starts with a story
We carefully match seaside memories to specific scents to capture those happy memories. We keep our high-quality fragrance blends in amber jars to protect them from the light. The numbers on the jars correspond with the numbers on our candles.

Step Two

Blend and Pour
We then use those fragrance/essential oil blends to create high-quality, sea-inspired candles by hand, right here on the coast. We use a soy wax blend and cotton wicks, and our containers and lids are made in the USA. (Click PLAY on the video at the bottom of this page to watch us pour!)

Step Three

Finishing Touches
After curing for 24 hours, the candles are ready to be cleaned, labeled, and topped with our custom wooden lids. Now it's time to share these scented memories with coastal candle fans everywhere.

Which scent will you try next?

Watch us pour a batch of candles: