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Cuppa Chowdah Candle by Rockport Candle Company


From our hand-stamped candle labels to our custom wooden lids, our carefully hand-poured candles are made by human hands in small batches.

Inspired by the Sea

Inspired by the Sea

Our candle scents are inspired by the sea and life in a New England town. If you love the beach or life on the coast, we've got candles that you'll love.

Created on the Coast

Created on the Coast

Every batch of our handcrafted candles is made in our seaside studio, right on Rockport Harbor in Massachusetts. If you visit our Bearskin Neck store, you may catch us pouring candles while you shop!

A Personal Note from our Owner, Christina

Have you ever caught a scent that seemed to carry you away to a favorite place? The smell of roses: summers at Grandma’s cottage. Suntan lotion: the warmth of sun on your skin and sand between your toes. Do certain scents make you happy? Nostalgic? Content? Scientists believe that your sense of smell has a stronger connection to your memories and emotions than any other senses, and I couldn't agree more.

Rockport Candle Company was created as a way to capture and share memories of time spent by the sea. We thought that scented candles would be a great way for both Rockport locals and our visitors to bring that coastal feeling into their homes.

Beach Roses
Rockport Candle Company

Did we know how to make candles? NO! But after months and months of research and testing and pouring candles and testing some more, we felt like it was now or never... so we opened our first tiny shop on July 4th weekend in 2016. It was tiny, and had a view of the harbor, and we worked hard to built it out to express our love of all things nautical with a touch of vintage style. We didn't know much about business or really anything about opening a retail shop, but were shocked when we nearly sold out of everything we had so carefully arranged on the shelves, that first weekend.

We were going to need a lot more candles! I often worked in the shop all day and then went home to pour more candles in my basement at night. Since foot and car traffic is very busy during the summer, I often delivered fresh batches of candles to the Bearskin Neck shop riding on my scooter! My favorite part of working in the shop was meeting other people who love the sea, or the beach, or life in a seaside town, and who enjoyed burning our candles as a way to connect to their happy place. So many people told us that they love gifting these scents as a way to share memories with friends & family, or brought candles home in order to remember their trip to Rockport, or ordered them online because they were missing Rockport or need a dose of seaside vibes right NOW... (continued below...)

Even the kids help! Here is little Lucy working on placing labels on our travel tin candles in the back of our first little shop.

Founders and their families at a ribbon cutting for our second location: a studio space on Broadway in Rockport (a stepping stone to our current location).

Skipper, my little sidekick! He'd like to be a shop dog but he gets so excited when people come in that he starts barking to get their attention. Not good, Skipper!

After a couple of years, since we were running out of space in my basement, we opened a second location where we could have the room to pour candles, package online orders, and have everything open and visible to the public. We also started offering our DIY Candle Bar Experience, where visitors could create their own custom scent blend and make their own candles with it.

Then, in 2020, we were able to combine both concepts (shop space and studio space) into ONE building on Bearskin Neck! You can now find us pouring and processing candles, meeting old and new friends to help them shop, and hosting our DIY Candle Bar at our NEW 5 Bearskin Neck location. It even has a condo upstairs (with a deck on the harbor) that we rent out for couples on vacation!

Please come visit! Rockport is beautiful at any time of year. Stop in and say hello, explore our candle fragrances, and see which ones remind you of happy times spent by the sea. If you're missing Rockport or your favorite seaside destination, you can order our candles right here on our website. We'd love to hear about your favorites! MESSAGE ME HERE to tell me about YOUR Rockport or seaside memories, or your favorite candle scents. Hope to see you soon!

Custom Printed Wooden Lids for Candle Jars

Wooden Lids for our Candle Jars

Rockport Candle Company Travel Tin Candles

Basket of Travel Tin Candles

Hand-Stamped Candle Labels

Hand-Stamped Labels for our Candle Jars