Got Your Shots?

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Got Your Shots? You may need a prescription to get through this phase of the pandemic! We recommend this set of remedies, each in a 2.5 ounce shot glass (4 votive candles total):

Optimism:  Fresh dose of sunny citrus for positive energy and a bright outlook for the future

Fresh Air:  Remedy for over-zooming - Liberal use of warm sunshine and fresh Spring breezes

Patience:  Deep breaths of calming lavender recommended prior to integration into society

Good Cheer: Indulge in this bubbly scent in anticipation of in-person joyous celebrations

Treat yourself or make someone else smile! Spread some joy with handcrafted candles in Spring colors and scents. Send to everyone who needs their shots of Optimism, Fresh Air, Patience, and Good Cheer! Remember to include a gift message during checkout and we'll hand-write it on the reverse of the "Got Your Shots?" card.

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